Q4 Energy installs Electric Vehicle chargers in the home or workplace.

Now that more individuals are purchasing electric vehicles, it is important that they install Electric Vehicle charging points to suit their needs.

Q4 Energy can install all of the leading brands in Electric Vehicle chargers, including Zappi and Garo. We aim to provide expert advice on the type of charger that suits you best. The customer can avail of the SEAI grant of 600 euro if they purchase an electric vehicle.


You can claim a £600 grant towards the purchase and installation of an EV HOME charger unit. Our range of chargers will work with many brands/model of car e.g. Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Volkswagen etc.


  • Charging at home is a very convenient and cost-effective way of recharging your electric vehicle. Some energy providers offer a discounted tariff for night time usage. Charging your electric vehicle at this time would reduce energy costs.
  • Q4 Energy will offer a range of charging points which are reliable, very competitively priced and covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

FAQs on EV HOME Chargers

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?
The length of time will depend on • The type of charging point • The car and model • Your driving style and speed
What does it cost on average to charge an electric vehicle?
Based on 54KWH, the average cost to charge your EV from empty to full is €9.10 - €10.90. If you are topping up your EV every night the approximate cost would be €1.40 - €2.50
What can affect the charging time of an electric vehicle?
With AC charging, the charging time will depend on the power of the charger and the power of the inverter installed within the vehicle.

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