Sustainability Grants


Support is available to all owners of dwellings built and occupied before 2011 and where the SEAI have not previously provided support for a Solar PV system at the address.

Houses must have a minimum C1 BER rating after the Solar PV system has been installed.

SEAI will offer a once off grant towards the purchase and installation of solar photovoltaics and / or battery energy storage.


  • Appoint Q4 Energy as your registered and fully approved Solar PV installer
  • Q4 Energy will assist you with your application  to the SEAI for the solar pv grant
  • Q4 Energy will apply to ESB networks to connect the Solar Pv system to the network.
  • Once your grant has been approved, Q4 Energy will install the panels.
  • A post works BER assessment is required. The cost is included in the grant amount.
  • Q4 Energy will submit details on the installation  to SEAI.
  • SEAI will process the application  and  you  will receive  a  payment  when  the  grant  has  been reviewed  and  all of  the  conditions  are  met



The  applicant  must  satisfy  the  following;

  •   Private  owner   of  an  eligible  electric  vehicle
  • The  electric  vehicle  must   be  parked  on  off  street parking  , associated  with  the  applicants  home  address.
  • The  charger  must  be  connected  back  to  the  fuse   board  of  the  home  of  the  applicant
  • The MPRN  on  the  electricity  bill will confirm  the  location  of  the  property.
  • The  property  can  not  be  associated  with  a  previous  EV  grant   and  charge  point  grant.
  • Do  not  commence  installation  before  start  date   on your  "letter of offer"


How  to  claim  for  the  SEAI  EV  home  charger  grant.

  •  Complete  the  SEAI   online  EV  home  charger  grant  application  form.  You  will need (i)  MPRN  number from your electric bill

        (ii) home  address Eircode
        (iii) application ID from  your car dealer if  you are  buying a new EV  in Ireland  and  availing  of  the SEAI  grant

  • One  approved ,  you  will receive   a  "letter of offer"  with  the  terms  and  conditions   and  a  "payment  request  form"
  • You  have   6 months  to  complete the  installation  of   the  EV  home  charger ,  from  the  date  of  issue  of  letter of  offer.
  • The  installation  can  only  be  done  by  a  FULLY QUALIFIED  ELECTRICIAN  registered  with Safe  Electric  Ireland.
  • When  the  installation  is  completed,  the Payment  Request  form  should  be  completed   by  you  and  the  electrician.
  • The  electrician  must  provide  a   copy  of Certificate  Number 3. 
  • Post  the  Payment Request  form   to  the  address on  the  form  together  with  the  following;
  • Signed  and  completed  Payment Request form
  • Certificate Number 3
  • Copy of the test record sheet from the electrician
  • Vehicle registration form ( not needed for new car bought in Ireland )
  • Photographs of installed charge point  and  the Electric vehicle  showing  the  registration  plate.
  • The electrician must send  a copy  of  the certificate  number 3  to Safe Electric Ireland
  • SEAI  will check  that  the  electrician  is  fully approved  and  registered.  Once  approved   an  electronic  payment  for  the  grant   amount  is  forwarded  to  the  bank  details  provided  by  you.

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