Solar Panels Laois

Q4 Energy specialises in the installation of Solar PV Panels in Laois

Q4 Energy Laois aims to bring our consumers in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors the latest and quality Solar PV Panels in Laois, as a means of saving you money on your annual electricity bill and reducing your energy costs by up to 50%. By investing in solar PV panels, you are investing in your future.

Q4 Energy will consult with you to assess your exact needs. We will then design a Solar PV system to suit your property and your requirements. Following installation by our team and as per SEAI guidance, Q4 will provide a detailed handover package, providing information on the type of system installed and guidance on use. We will issue a warranty on the system.


  • SSolar PV future proofs against spiralling energy costs. You can and will reduce your electricity bills. You will generate your electricity with your own Solar PV system. You will reduce your electricity costs. 
  • Solar PV works well in the Irish climate. Our average daily temperature rarely exceeds 25C, so this allows the Solar PV panels to work more efficiently.
  • Solar PV is GREEN ENERGY. Its installation increases the BER rating of your home. This in turn will increase the value of your property.
  • You can sell surplus electricity from January 2022 under the Smart Export Guarantee. The rates are outlined in the table below.
  • Reducing emissions and pollution-free, no greenhouse gases are produced after the installation hence helping to improve the environment.
  • Reducing dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels.
  • Solar panels available all over Laois. Applicable everywhere, even in the most remote locations

Q4 ENERGY Laois will design a Solar PV system suitable for your home

We will design it based on your electricity/energy demands, your budget, the size/shape of your roof, and the proposed orientation of the panel system.

The solar panels are mounted on the best available roof space. The inverter is connected to the main distribution board.

Supports available under the Micro-generation Support Scheme (MSS)

Micro-generation Support Scheme

This summary table (below) sets out how the Micro-generation Support Scheme (MSS) fits into the broader electricity generation framework.


How much will a Solar PV system save me?
The amount will depend on: (i) The orientation of the roof on your house (ii) The amount of available roof space for PV panels The Solar Pv system can save up to 40 – 50 % of your annual electricity bill.
Do we get enough sunshine for the solar panels to be effective?
Yes, the Solar PV panels generate electricity in daylight. This means that they will function on dull and overcast days. Ireland has on average 1453 hours of sunshine every year and this can be converted into electricity using a Solar PV system.
Does the system have a warranty?
Yes, there is a 25 year manufacturers warranty.
What is the cost of a Solar PV installation?
The cost is determined by (i) The size of available roof space and panels installed (ii) The type of roof that you have , if you have any chimneys or roof top extensions. Q4 Energy will assess your property and review your energy consumption levels. We will advise you on the size of the Solar PV system to suit your budget and which would have a positive impact on future electricity bills.
Do I need planning permission?
No, one can install 12 metre square of solar panels. Without planning permission. You can install up to 6KW without planning permission.
Will I need to get the system serviced?
It is recommended to have an annual check to ensure optimal efficiency of the system.

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